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Biser Petkov Biser Petkov
Biser Petkov✝✝
Biser Petkov: 37 Sofia , Bulgaria
I am happy to be part of this Athlean community. I loved the program and was pleased to see how easy it was to follow the workouts and meal plan for 90 days. I saw some great results for being an older guy and was very happy. Thank you TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Jeff Hjelmstad – Noticeable Changes, Just 4 WEEKS In!✝✝
Jeff Hjelmstad: 33 Colorado Springs, Colorado
I started just 4 weeks ago, I was hesitant at first after seeing the first month of work and how hard it looked at first. After each day though I can feel the program working on my body, things are beginning to get sore and can feel the muscles growing. Everything is laid on in front of me, all you have to do is turn on your computer on and Jeff tells you what to eat and what to train and how to train and why you are training.
The program is great and I can't wait to finish AX-1 and move onto AX-2 and whatever else is after that. Keep up the good work!  
Brian Hettel Brian Hettel
Brian Hettel – Waistline Vanishes!✝✝
Brian Hettel : 33 Danbury, Connecticut
I think the program is great. I've been through AX-1 and I'm on AX-2 now and love all the additional videos on YouTube as well. As you can see from the picture I lost a great amount of weight and inches in my waistline and continue to look forward to more improvements as I progress through the programs.
I think you do a great job and put in a lot of hard work setting up a great program for us. I would recommend this to anyone it has helped me get in better shape and learn more about working out safer and more effective.  
Austin Carlson Austin Carlson
Austin Carlson – Building MUSCLE and Losing Fat!✝✝
Austin Carlson : 25 Quimby, Louisiana
I've been doing ATHLEAN-X for over 2 years now. I own all the programs AX-1, Ax-2,  all the TNT workouts and even ATHLEAN-X for women. I can't say enough good things about the training program. Each workout is set up with a purpose and will help you reach your goals. I highly recommend it to everyone.
I love the ATHLEAN RX supplements as well, I take them everyday. Jeff's knowledge is so great and helpful it really makes this the best program out there. Thank you TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Mitchell Hagler – Coaches AMAZED by his TRANSFORMATION✝✝
Mitchell Hagler: 16 Oregon City, Oregon
Hey Jeff, I am a high school football player and really love your program. I have been watching your YouTube videos for years and finally decided to get the program. I am halfway through AX-2 right now and love it, it is absolutely awesome. I just came back from summer and both my coaches were amazed by my progress and my only difference in training was instead of normal weight room training.
I switched to ATHLEAN-X training system. All my friends are asking about it and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to train like an athlete.  
Saket Thirani
Saket Thirani – Builds Muscle, Loses Fat (SIMULTANEOUSLY)✝✝
Saket Thirani: 32 West Bengal, India
Thanks for the great program I love the mixture of cardio with strength training. I've seen great results in just a short amount of time. It was money well spent. Thanks Jeff!  
I switched to ATHLEAN-X training system. All my friends are asking about it and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to train like an athlete.  
Connor Sing
Connor Sing – Teen Gets Absolutely SHREDDED!!✝✝
Connor Sing : 18 Tacoma , Washington
Thanks for a great program Jeff, ATHLEAN-X has helped me so much. I've had a problem putting on muscle forever. I've always been an skinny guy but that changed with ATHLEAN-X. I was able to put on muscle like I never had before and not sacrifice my quickness or mobility. I loved the athletic training we got in the ATHLEAN-X training program and I recommend it to all my friends.
I give it a "5 Star" rating. Thanks again guys for the great work you guys do for us.  
Dayton Graham Dayton Graham
Dayton Graham✝✝
Dayton Graham : 25 Calgary , Alberta
Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN is the best thing that has come into my life. I have had the program for 2 years now and only started using it 3 months ago. I've never felt better about these results. Those 2 years in the gym while not following the program I now feel was a complete waste of time. I didn't sweat as much and never saw the results I wanted. Thanks to Jeff and AX-1 I have seen great progress and I plan to use all ATHLEAN-X programs to keep me fit for life.  
I give it a "5 Star" rating. Thanks again guys for the great work you guys do for us.  
Adam Ostrove Adam Ostrove
Adam Ostrove – Hardgainer Will NEVER Train Without Jeff Again!✝✝
Adam Ostrove : 20 Silver Spring, Maryland
Thanks for the great program Jeff. I was a runner and this program whipped me. I trained harder then I had ever before. I look better than I have ever before. I was very happy with my decision to train with ATHLEAN-X. I was very impressed with the program. I found Jeff's videos on YouTube and they helped me along with the AX-1 training program.
If you follow what Jeff says in the program then you will get the results it says you will. You will train like an athlete and you will then look like an athlete.  
Christian Haagensen – Prepares KARATE Athlete to be BEST in COUNTRY✝✝
Christian Haagensen: 20 Oslo, Norway
Currently I am one of the best karate athletes in my country. I am training with ATHLEAN-X and has helped me so much. I am in the AX-1 program and using the T.N.T. workouts as well. What I love most about the program is the 6 Pack Promise, I use this on a daily basis. It helps train my core in ways I never thought possible and is constantly changing.
AX-1 is great because even if you don't have a lot of time to work out you can still do it because the workouts are short but very intense. Thanks for helping me make great gains TEAM ATHLEAN.