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Cameron Borelli
Cameron Borelli – Baseball Player Gets STRONGER and FASTER✝✝
Cameron Borelli : 18 Peabody , Massachusetts
This program that Jeff created made me more functional on and off the baseball field. My arm strength felt stronger and my hitting strength increased dramatically and also making my speed on the base paths increase. I weighed at the beginning of the year 160lbs and now I weigh 190lbs around 10% body fat.
Jeff had challenged me from day 1 up until day 90. The different unique exercises made me more functional on my feet and challenged me on every workout. His ab workouts were unique and helpful for my ability to get 6 pack abs. Thank-you Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN for challenging my body to whole new levels and keep challenging me throughout the years to come.  
Justin Schiller – He’s Never Seen Results Like These!✝✝
Justin Schiller: 20 Spring, Texas
Hey TEAM ATHLEAN love your program and love my results. First program I have used where I was able to achieve LONG TERM results. I not only look better, but I feel stronger, fitter and healthier.  The step by step videos everyday are great if you are unsure of something in the program.
Getting emails from Jeff every week and weekly YouTube videos are a huge help as well. Keep up the good work guys there is nothing that needs to change with this program. I would recommend it to anyone.  
Nicholas Mucerino – GREATEST Program He’s Ever Had✝✝
Nicholas Mucerino: 19 Staten Island, New York
ATHLEAN-X is the greatest program I have ever used for sure. I've seen great results, I am stronger, faster and more agile. I felt I needed direction and ATHLEAN-X has helped me with that. Jeff lays it out very easy for you so all you have to do is the will to do it, your workout and meal plan are right in front of you everyday so there is no guessing involved.
He not only tells you how to eat and train properly but he teaches you how to do it as well. I can't wait to move onto AX-2 in the future.  
Rhys Webster
Rhys Webster – Prepares Him to DOMINATE Rugby✝✝
Rhys Webster: 18 Doncaster, United Kingdom
When I first started working out I was just looking for a program to get in better shape athletically, I needed to be more powerful, explosive and quicker for ruby. I just finished AX-1 and can't wait to move onto AX-2. I was able to lose body fat and put on serious muscle at the same time all while increasing my speed and quickness.
I also purchase the T.N.T. workouts and plan on using those and can't wait for NXT to be released thanks again TEAM ATHLEAN  keep up the good work.  
Ben Brown Ben Brown
Benjamin Brown – PUSHES Him Past His LIMITS✝✝
Ben Brown : 19 Mentor, Ohio
Thank you Jeff for a great program that has helped me in numerous ways. Your program has really pushed me and helped me get the most out of my workouts. It's a constant challenge and I love it. I've seen many improvements in myself physically and mentally. I am also pretty new to the personal training world and has helped me the way I can help people accomplish their own fitness goals.
Adam Oloffoson
Adam Oloffson✝✝
Adam Oloffoson : 18 Stockholm , Sweden
These are pics from the first round of ATHLEAN-X where I got the most results from any training program before! I literately saw results every day! And it was amazing. Gained 2 kg, from 80-82kg. I'm 197cm tall so that still not alot. I got more visible abs, indicating loss of body fat.
This is actually only 8 weeks in to the program!  
Connor Sing
Connor Sing – Teen Gets Absolutely SHREDDED!!✝✝
Connor Sing : 18 Tacoma , Washington
Thanks for a great program Jeff, ATHLEAN-X has helped me so much. I've had a problem putting on muscle forever. I've always been an skinny guy but that changed with ATHLEAN-X. I was able to put on muscle like I never had before and not sacrifice my quickness or mobility. I loved the athletic training we got in the ATHLEAN-X training program and I recommend it to all my friends.
I give it a "5 Star" rating. Thanks again guys for the great work you guys do for us.  
Adam Ostrove Adam Ostrove
Adam Ostrove – Hardgainer Will NEVER Train Without Jeff Again!✝✝
Adam Ostrove : 20 Silver Spring, Maryland
Thanks for the great program Jeff. I was a runner and this program whipped me. I trained harder then I had ever before. I look better than I have ever before. I was very happy with my decision to train with ATHLEAN-X. I was very impressed with the program. I found Jeff's videos on YouTube and they helped me along with the AX-1 training program.
If you follow what Jeff says in the program then you will get the results it says you will. You will train like an athlete and you will then look like an athlete.