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Ofir Lidor
Ofir Lidor – Hardgainer MORPHS with Unique Workouts!✝✝
Ofir Lidor: 23 Tel Aviv, Israel
Thank you Jeff for a great program. There is nothing like the ATHLEAN-X training program out there. You can get a great workout in under 45 minutes at home or in the gym with little equipment. The best part about the workout is that each day is different there at no 2 days the same in the ATHLEAN-X program.
I felt myself getting stronger and growing muscle every day. Please keep up the good work guys and thanks again.  
Vinay Tyagi
Vinay Tyagi – Seeing Improvements EVERY DAY!✝✝
Vinay Tyagi : 35 Delhi , India
I have been using the ATHLEAN-X training program for sometime now and love the results. I have become stronger and more muscular. My arms, chest and back have all made vast improvements since I started training with ATHLEAN-X. I will continue to train with ATHLEAN-X and plan on using the 6 Pack Promise to get a 6 pack in the near future.
All the best to you Jeff and TEAM ATHLEAN. Keep up the good work!  
Sean Guitraeu
Sean Guitrau – NEVER Gets Bored✝✝
Sean Guitraeu: 40 Prarieville, Louisiana
As a former user of P90x, I was disinterested with the same workouts over and over again, leading me to stop using the program all together. What ATHLEAN-X does that is different than the competition is provide us with a new, different workout every day. Not only will this variety keep you interested, you will partake in a technique called muscle confusion.
Muscle confusion will keep your muscles guessing and prevent the dreaded plateau. I really love your program Jeff keep up the great work.  
Jacob Palsgaard Christensen Jacob Palsgaard Christensen
Jacob Palsgaard Christensen – Builds Serious Arms (Gets MORE Ripped!)✝✝
Jacob Palsgaard Christensen : 24 Holbaek, Denmark
If you want proof ATHLEAN-X works just follow a few of Jeff's videos on YouTube. He backs everything he has to say with science which is what I love. I went through AX-1 and added some T.N.T. workouts and got amazing gains. I was always a skinny kid but now with ATHLEAN-X  my arms are starting to pop through my shirts.
The six pack promise works great as well, I shredded fat and was able to develop a 6 pack that I never had before.  THANKS TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Haim Azoulay Haim Azoulay
Haim Azoulay – Other Workouts DON’T COMPARE!!✝✝
Haim Azoulay : 25 Kibutz Grofit , Israel
ATHLEAN-X is just better then anything out there. I've tried other programs in the past and none of the results come close to ATHLEAN-X. Don't waste your time try ATHLEAN-X and you won't be disappointed. It's a hard challenging program but also very fun at the same time. I look forward to what Jeff has coming in the future.  
The six pack promise works great as well, I shredded fat and was able to develop a 6 pack that I never had before.  THANKS TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Jonathan Cerna
Jonathan Cerna✝✝
Jonathan Cerna : 19 Panama City, Panama
Guys...I wasn't the average Joe who worked out but never got results. I was a CrossFit Competitor in Panama. I trained twice a day and had a really strict nutrition. When I moved to the United States so I could go to college I thought my physique would be gone, but thanks to ATHLEAN-X.
.. I can honestly say that I am in better shape now that I was when I was a competitor. I have maintained and even improved my athleticism and physique. I can't believe that my body would improve so much in 90 days...Thanks Jeff and thanks to the whole ATHLEAN-X team.  
Gibran Hyder
Gibran Hyder – Hardgainer Goes From 118 to 142 Pounds! (SERIOUS SIZE!!)✝✝
Gibran Hyder : 25 Sammamish, Washington
ATHLEAN-X helped me put on size that I was looking for. With the way the workouts are set up it is very easy to gauge your progress and how you are working through the training program. The workouts are quick and effective and you can go through the program multiple times and not be bored at all.
You are able to track your scores against previous challenges so you can always see how you stack up against yourself.  
Bobby Moldovan
Bobby Moldovan – Hardgainer Gains 15 lb. of PURE MUSCLE!!✝✝
Bobby Moldovan : 23 Fort Wayne , Indiana
I absolutely love the ATHLEAN-X training program. I saw the videos and loved the difficulty of it. I was a college cross country and track runner, so I was in pretty good shape but it was always difficult for me to put on muscle. Well that all stopped once I found ATHLEAN-X. I went through AX-1 and put on about 15 pounds of muscle and was amazed.
I have gone through AX-2 and the TNT workouts and couldn't wait to start NXT. I will use the ATHLEAN-X training program for the rest of my life.  
Roberto Espinosa
Roberto Espinosa – Got The 6 Pack He Had Been Working At For 2 Years… In JUST 2 MONTHS!✝✝
Roberto Espinosa: 25 El Paso, Texas
For 2 years I have tried to develop my abs, with exhausting and long workouts, but all I got was disappointment and poor results. One day I found a video on YouTube of ATHLEAN-X. After all I had tried; I decided to give it a shot. Since day 1 I loved it because I got an incredible workout in almost every muscle in my body.
..really developing my core in less time than my usual training. Using Jeff's advice on diet, rest and training I reduced my body fat percentage and I got my 6 pack in 2 months! Amazing!! What I like about ATHLEAN X is that the exercises are comfortable, varied, short and most importantly effective.. GRACIAS ATHLEAN X``  
Matteo Marino
Matteo Marino – Teen Athlete FINALLY Finds a Program That WORKS!✝✝
Matteo Marino: 18 Johnston , Rhode Island
Thanks ATHLEAN-X you've helped me loss fat and gain muscle. I've also seen increased speed and more agility as well. Every challenge pushes you to the limit which is something you don't get from any other program. I know that because I've tried them and nothing compares to ATHLEAN-X.
I really do love the burst training because all the work I do in the gym has definitely been transiting to the field.