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Matt Wilkus Matt Wilkus
Matt Wilkus – Hardgainer Changes Lifestyle✝✝
Matt Wilkus: 21 Waseca, Minnesota
Thanks Jeff for the great program. I will be on TEAM ATHLEAN for life. I love how the program workouts change daily and is never the same thing. The meal plan helped me get on track because before I was eating unhealthy and then trying to make up for it in the gym. Because of my poor diet I was over-training in the gym and wasn't seeing the muscle growth I wanted.
Once I got on AX-1 that all changed. This program is focused on science which is great because everything Jeff teaches us to do there is a proven reason he has us doing it. Thanks guys!  
Alaeddine Rafei Alaeddine Rafei
Alaeddine Rafei – Achieves AMAZING Results✝✝
Alaeddine Rafei: 24 Mohammedia, Morocco
I've been following ATHLEAN-X for a year now. I've gone through AX-1 and AX-2 twice. I've got amazing results. It's really been a whole new lifestyle for me, I had never went to a gym before or thought I would ever go to one. It's awesome and Jeff really did a great job with this program.
I would like to thank Jeff not only for the program but for looking out for us as well. Your like a big brother! Hello to all the other TEAM ATHLEAN members out there keep up the hard work.  
Jonas Peterson
Jonas Peterson – Serious Muscle Gains in Just 2 Months (45 Minute Workouts!)✝✝
Jonas Peterson : 18 Copenhagen , Denmark
I found ATHLEAN-X when I was searching the internet trying to get into better shape. I ended up finding Jeff's YouTube channel and decided to join ATHLEAN-X and see what results I could get. What I loved about the program was how short but effective the workouts are. Being a student I'm in school for most of the day and then have to come home to study and work on other things so the workouts being under 45 minutes it is very easy to fit them into my schedule.
Jeff and the rest of ATHLEAN-X you ROCK keep up the good work.  
Akira Suen Akira Suen
Akira Suen – Hardgainer Defies Genetics (Adds Significant Size!)✝✝
Akira Suen : 27 Hong Kong, China
I love the ATHLEAN-X training system very much. There are hundreds of effective exercises, many of which you won't find anywhere else! I really loved the burst workouts because they were very short and effective, not time consuming and boring like I was used to. I was surprised how addictive the challenges were, because each time I went through the program I wanted to beat my past score and see where I stacked up against other TEAM ATHLEAN members.
Jeff you are the man!  
Jeremy Boyle
Jeremy Boyle – From Skeleton Thin on P90X to Athletically JACKED on ATHLEAN-X✝✝
Jeremy Boyle: 41 Brentwood, California
I've been on ATHLEAN-X for about 5 months now and I absolutely love it, best decision I ever made. I was training with p90x prior to this and all that it helped me to was slim down to skin and bones. With ATHLEAN-X I put on about 15 pounds of muscle and have never felt better.
It's a great program from Jeff's knowledgeable videos to all the help you can get from other TEAM ATHLEAN members.  
Herminigildo Rafol
Herminigildo Rafol – Hardgainer Packs on 35 LBS OF SOLID MUSCLE!!✝✝
Herminigildo Rafol : 26 Kailua Kona, Hawaii
In this ATHLEAN-X review, Herminigildo says "Aloha!" all the way from Hawaii to explain to you his experience with the AX program. In the course of a year, he was able to completely change his life; he weighed 120 lbs and has now packed on 35 lbs of muscle to bring him all the way up to 155! Being a hardgainer, like Herminigildo, it is hard to put on weight and muscle, but with the right training system and the proper nutrition, anything is possible.
Loving what he has achieved with the program so far, Herminigildo is always looking forward to what is coming next. With the ATHLEAN NXT program coming out soon, he is getting himself ready to pack on more muscle and show off even better results. Going from a hardgainer to being ripped is what keeps him coming back for more.  
Edgar Hurtado Edgar Hurtado
Edgar Hurtado – Trades In 10% Body Fat for 17 lbs of Muscle!!✝✝
Edgar Hurtado : 17 Mexico City, Mexico
I was in hospital for 37 days (almost intensive care) and I needed to prove myself not only could I get out of sickness, but also get better than before. Thanks ATHLEAN-X for giving me the best training for building muscle, getting rehab and the most important thing: learning how to live right.  
Loving what he has achieved with the program so far, Herminigildo is always looking forward to what is coming next. With the ATHLEAN NXT program coming out soon, he is getting himself ready to pack on more muscle and show off even better results. Going from a hardgainer to being ripped is what keeps him coming back for more.  
Tavor Ben Zeev – Completely CHANGES His View on Fitness✝✝
Tavor Ben Zeev: 21 Herzlia, Israel
Jeff I wanted to tell you that you have changed my view on fitness so much. I am a tennis player and coach, and I can say that you are the best coach I have ever had. Even though I have never met you and only see you through my phone or on the computer you get a sense how professional you are and how much you care about us and it shows in every video you do.
I know that every exercise we do or workout we do has a purpose and a goal in mind and you explain that to us as well so we know why we are doing it. I really want to say thank you Jeff!  
Koji Ghafoor
Koji Ghafoor✝✝
Koji Ghafoor: 30 Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
I would like to extend a very big thanks all the way from United Kingdom to you. I am 29 years old and have bean training on and off for 8 years. I got good results before Athlean X, but there was always something wrong with the way I looked I felt. I was to big and had no definition or very fit but to skinny and still that lack of definition in the tummy area.
Explosive training strength training and perfect nutrition is what you taught me in a very short amount of time. Now when I open the door to people who have not seen me in a few months, they do a double take. When I train like this in this gym of mine people ask how and what training is that. Its very gratifying to no that I can pound my younger self which I thought would never be possible. Thanks again Jeff keep up the great work.  
Jason Purvis
Jason Purvis✝✝
Jason Purvis : 36 Queen Creek , Arizona
I began ATHLEAN-X during a time of huge transition in my life. I was in the midst of moving from GA to AZ, buying a new home, and taking ownership of a $2 million restaurant business. Not to mention being a husband to my wife and a father to my 3 children ages 6, 4, and 1. Due to my new business venture, I had to spend 6 weeks out of state, living out of a hotel, limited control of my schedule and limited control of my food options.
I worked out at the small hotel gym, at home, in my hotel room, and occasionally at a friends apartment gym during my first run through the program. Why all the details? Had I tried to begin any other program during this stage of my life, I would have never been able to meet the time demands necessary or would have overtrained. ATHLEAN-X can be accomplished under the most difficult circumstances and environments. I never missed a workout. My strength and energy grew by leaps and bounds. I have people comment on my body change. Anyways, I am so glad I came across this program and Jeff. It has been tremendous and changed my life. An added bonus is that it has inspired my wife to workout as well. Thank you so much.