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home back workout


Bodyweight back workouts are not very common, at least not those that don’t require a pullup bar. 

People say it can’t be done…

That it’s impossible to get a good back workout without equipment.

That you need to use heavy weight to build muscle in your back.


I’m about to show you how to hit your upper, middle and lower back with three bodyweight back exercises that together make up one killer home back workout!

No bars, no bench, no nothing!

Before we get started, let me tell you why incorporating bodyweight exercises into your training plan can actually ACCELERATE your back gains.

When we switch to bodyweight back exercises, we can control them better and ensure a proper contraction, which translates into improved gains.

Like any muscle group, you want to be sure that you maximize the contraction of the muscle you are trying to work to get it to grow.  In the case of the back muscles, many people tend to heave the weights up using momentum and don’t fully use their muscles to move the weight.

When we switch to bodyweight back exercises, we can control them better and ensure a proper contraction, which translates into improved gains.

Let me show you how you can build back muscle at home using no equipment at all!


First we’ll target the upper back including the traps, rhomboids and posterior delts, using what I call the Back Widow. 

To do this exercise, position yourself face down on the floor and put your elbows on the ground. Push hard through the upper back to engage the rhomboids, traps, and posterior delts to get you up and off the ground, keeping your feet on the floor.

If you need to make this easier, you can do a self spot by incorporating a bit more push from the feet on the floor.  If you don’t need the help, maintain the push through the elbows and contract the back muscles to power off the floor.


back widow bodyweight upper back exercise

The key here is to hold the contraction on each repetition, and make sure you get yourself up by using your back muscles and not momentum!


Next we’ll target the middle back and primarily the lats by performing the Sliding Lat Pulldown.

The lats are challenging to hit with no equipment.

But if you look at your surroundings and use some creativity you can get the job done!

For this, all you’ll need is a pair of pants and a slick floor.  I’m doing it on concrete which isn’t all that slick, so it gives me even more friction.

First, get yourself into a fully outstretched position with your feet back behind you and arms straight out in front of you.  Initiate a complete total body pull down all the way up to the top position and then lower yourself back down.


sliding lat pulldown bodyweight mid back exercise

You can see that this very much mimics a pullover or a straight arm pull down, one of my favorite exercises for lats.

To make this more difficult, try to stay on your toes as you extend out to the start position and remain on your toes as you pull down.

If you need a slightly easier version, you can unweight some of your body by allowing your knees and shins to drag on the ground for the first one third of the move and lift them when you have the strength to lift.


Finally we’ll hit the lower back with the Reverse Superman exercise, which will also incorporate a number of other muscle groups.

When working the lower back, it’s important to train it with the muscles it prefers to work with.

When working the lower back, it’s important to train it with the muscles it prefers to work with.

It likes to get some help from the glutes and from the lats that tie into your lower back.

This Reverse Superman exercise will incorporate all of these muscle groups, and because it’s done with the arms behind the body, you’re actually rotating the shoulders back with each repetition.  That means the rotator cuff is getting involved, too.


reverse superman bodyweight exercise for lower back

Aim for a solid two to three second contraction on each rep to really work the strength and stamina of the lower back muscles.

As you can see, using no equipment doesn’t mean you have no options when it comes to training the back.  You don’t even have to compromise on the difficulty of the exercises.  In fact, a few of these exercises may even require you to dial them back! Being without access to the gym definitely doesn’t mean you have to give up on getting great results.


  1. Many people think it’s impossible to build muscle in the back with only bodyweight exercises. I’ve shown you that not only is this false, you can actually see better gains by incorporating no equipment options into your back training, because it is harder to use momentum when you’re doing bodyweight exercises.
  2. For the upper back, the Back Widow exercise will allow you to hit traps, rhomboids and posterior deltoids.
  3. The Sliding Lat Pulldown will hit your middle back, and especially the lats.
  4. The Reverse Superman hits not only low back but also the glutes, lats and even the rotator cuffs.

If you’re looking for a complete bodyweight workout program that actually helps you to BUILD MUSCLE, look no further.  My ATHLEAN XERO program is 100% bodyweight only, using no equipment whatsoever – no bars, no bands, no benches!

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